Econnect: restoring the web of life.

The Alps are one of the best-known mountain ranges as well as being one of the richest in biodiversity, it is, however, also one of the most densely populated. The traditional tool used to conserve biodiversity and the natural environment has always been the creation of protected areas, however it has become increasingly obvious that a majorly important aspect in the conservation process is to connect protected areas to one another to allow the migration of species across the entire alpine range. Genetic flow across the whole alpine range is important particularly to help species to adapt to the environmental transformations brought about by Climate Change. To successfully protect biodiversity across the whole alpine range a coordinated and transnational approach is needed in accordance with the legal framework provided by the Alpine Convention.
The ECONNECT project aims at the enhancement of ecological connectivity across the Alpine range. The project involves International umbrella organisations linked to the Alpine Convention, scientific institutions and local implementation partners. All these entities have joined forces to demonstrate the need for connectivity across the Alps as well as exploring the best options for coordinated action and the development of innovative tools to promote ecological connectivity.

The closing conference for the ECONNECT project was held in Berchtesgaden, Germany, attended by political representatives of the six Alpine countries, as well as experts and scientific researchers from local and international institutions.